A message from your host

1 Sep
Welcome friends, to the fourth restaurant I have opened
in Edmonton since I started in the business more than 30
years ago.
If you have been our guest at the original Happy Garden,
the Mongolian Food Experience, or the Genghis Grill, you
will know that we have originated and perfected many
dishes that have now become standard fare in Edmonton:
Green Onion Cake, Hot and Sour Soup, Szechuan Beef,
and Lemon Chicken, to mention just a few of the most
You will also know that we are never content to rest on
our laurels. We like to challenge ourselves and our
customers with new ideas, new dishes, new flavours, new
ingredients. This menu reflects our determination to
pursue new challenges, and you will find several items
that may not be familiar to you. Be bold. We believe you
will not be disappointed by any item on the menu.
At the same time, we are grateful for the loyalty that
many of our old friends have shown through the years to
favourite items. Our menu includes some of those dishes,
too, because we know they have become “comfort food”
to our friends over the years. If you are new to our old
favourites, we know you will enjoy them.
We have chosen to open this new business in a part of
Edmonton that has fallen on hard times in recent years.
We are committed to hiring staff from the area and giving
the kind of training that will serve them well here and in
future endeavours. This is an act of faith on our part in
the future of the area and in the future of the city that has
given us much and to which we would like to give
something back.
We believe in good food—simple food made with the best
ingredients and passion. We also believe in good friends,
good company, good times, and a good life. There is an
art in all of these things, and we believe that all art is
meant to be shared and enjoyed.